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Peaceful EID celebration in Jammu & Kashmir

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On the eve of Eid, curfew was re-imposed. All were under stress but the situation was quite peaceful. There was a lot of stress but the Modi government scrapped the Article 370.

Eid is the biggest festival of this valley but this time markets were closed in Srinagar and other parts of the valley.
In Srinagar, bakeries were not able to sell 10% of what they used to sell. These bakeries used to go out of stock on Arfa (it is a day before EID).
Earlier people used to get excited for EID a month ago.

They used to do preparations. But this year there was no purchase of clothes and gifts even a week ago. People there had to make way from the barricades which were managed by paramilitary troops so that they can buy bakery products and other important stuff. People offered prayers in the local mosques in small groups. Large groups were not allowed by police as it could have caused a problem in traffic. It was peaceful EID happy faces were seen everywhere.

Now, the situation is getting normal and people are starting their lives back in a normal way. Restrictions were released so that people could prepare for EID and celebrate the festival with joy and enthusiasm.

Eid celebrations were going smooth despite the restrictions. Special telephone booths were made for people so that they can communicate with their relatives and greet them. There were mobile vans also which provided LPG cylinders, eggs, poultry, and vegetables for the celebration.

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