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The Indian envoy is expelled by Pakistan and they also suspended the trades over Kashmir

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Recently Pakistan’s military leadership and the top civil of Pakistan has decided to expel the High Commissioner of India and to suspend the bilateral trade with India. They also decided to downgrade diplomatic relations in the wake of Modi government’s movement in Jammu & Kashmir. You all must be aware about the thing that New Delhi revoked every special status for Jammu and Kashmir.

Prime minister Inmar took a week time to preside over the situation which was followed by the Indian government’s move on Kashmir and this decision was taken at the second session of NSC (National security committee).

Foreign minister shah Mahmood Qureshi Told ARY news that ‘our ambassadors will no longer be in new Delhi and their counterparts here will also be sent back’.

This statement was issued after the meeting, the NSC has decided to downgrade diplomatic relations and suspend bilateral trade with India, review of bilateral arrangements, this matter will be raised in UN and to observe Pakistan’s Independence Day on August 14 in solidarity with Kashmiris.

As we all know that the government has assigned too many armed forces in Kashmir to control every unnecessary and unwanted movements there. Before taking this big step on Kashmir Modi government was ready.

Jammu and Kashmir have turned into a Union territory with a legislature and on the other hand Ladakh has become a Union territory without legislature. Government has given J&K new identity and from now onwards it will not have dual citizenship. All the laws will be same as other cities of India.

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